Welcome to my Financial Freedom blog.

I’ve spent 30 years helping people to achieve Financial Freedom. Along the way I’ve bought and sold businesses, dealt in and managed property, employed some truly great people, worked with outstanding partners and helped many, many people to understand how to plan and influence their financial futures.

I’ve also learned that it’s not all about money! it’s possible to have a brilliant life with very little, provided you do certain things right. There are plenty of very wealthy, very unhappy people about.

But I’ve also learned that having money opens up all sorts of possibilities in life. Given a choice, I’d rather have it than not. Just make sure you don’t lose sight of why you’ve got it, or are working to get it.

Hopefully you’ll find a few ideas here to help you on your own journey. If something here resonates with you, let me know. You can contact me or find out more about the Chesterton House Group at www.chestertonhouse.co.uk.

Andy Jervis

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