Tickling the Ivories

My wife Sue, a capable keyboard player, sat down to teach me music. We decided that one lesson was enough. This wasn’t going to work.

For whatever reason I’m not in tune with music. I don’t often listen to music, I don’t buy music and I certainly can’t play music. Some might say that the ability is there in all of us, we just need to clear the mental blocks to unleash it, and that may be true.

But frankly, for me, it’s not worth the effort to find out.

I recognise that that’s how some people feel about money. It all seems too complicated, too much effort for the perceived benefit.

Most of us recognise that we’re never going to be a Mozart or a John Lennon. But there are countless people who have a lot of fun playing their instrument in their own way, and making a great sound that others can enjoy too.

If you want to be a player you’re going to have to learn the notes.



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Welcome to my blog site. I've spent 30 years building a business - Chesterton House Group - designed to help people to achieve financial freedom, so that's my main interest and the core focus of my writings. True financial freedom isn't just about having enough money to do the things you want, it's about having a great relationship with money so that you can live in balance and get the most out of life. The best advice I ever had was to 'live each day as though it were your last, but plan as though you'll live forever.' I hope you enjoy the blog. Andy

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