Looking forward to an Indian Adventure

The idea of a trip to India began 10 years ago, when my Dad asked me if I’d like to join him on an Enduro India adventure. This 1500 km motorcycle ride across the sub-continent had captured his imagination, and as he was already in his 80’s at the time, maybe he needed a chaperone. I didn’t go with him then, or on any of the several other similar trips he did in subsequent years. Along the way he gathered quite a fan club of fellow adventurers, and it seemed he was chaperoning them rather than the other way around. 20150712_163616

Out of the India trips had arisen Adventure Ashram, a UK charity that helped support work in India that had been touched by the adventurers. When Dad passed away in 2017 (see my separate blog post) the members of Adventure Ashram proposed a new fund in his name, and you can read about it here. Adventure Ashram holds a UK Rally for cars and bikes each year, and money is raised towards Dad’s fund.

When Sue and I celebrated our Ruby Wedding Anniversary earlier this year, we suggested that guests make a donation towards the fund instead of gifts. We were delighted by everyone’s generosity, and we’ve ended up with over £3,000 to use for the charity in India.

What better excuse, then, for our first trip to India? We’re looking forward to a great holiday, and along the way we’ll be visiting two of the projects that Adventure Ashram supports. We’ve been planning our trip for several weeks, and as I write this we’re an hour away from setting off to catch the train to Heathrow, where we’ll be staying overnight.

I’m planning to keep a record of our experiences, and if you would like to know what we’re up to you can follow my blog and you’ll be notified of any new posts.

If you’d like to help boost the fund we’d be honoured to receive your donation. We can promise you the money will be put to good use.

Next stop Heathrow!


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